Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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Benefit from Sustainable Open Data Management

The results of project COMSODE enable open data innovation in public bodies and any size businesses. Consortium delivered technologies for sustainable data management (publication, data quality, search, visualization) available mostly as open source. Moreover, the proven methodologies support the upgrade of internal data management processes. The success story now continues across the EU. Ask for expert services of the COMSODErs and benefit from sustainable data management!

Two use case videos available

Check COMSODE use case ideas presented in short videos. One explains the options for public administrations enabled by COMSODE results, while the second brings some ideas on business applications.

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Open Data in Action

The COMSODE project has teached us all a lot. One of the surprises was, that its results focused on open data management are needed even more than we originally expected!

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Looking back at two years of COMSODE

The Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (MoI) was a proud member of the COMSODE consortium for the duration of the project. The organizations represented in the consortium were coming from various backgrounds and each brought a unique contribution to the table. The software houses (EEA, Spinque) played a key role in designing and delivering the data publishing platform Open Data Node and the related search platform, ADDSEN played a key role in coordinating the project, the universities (UNIMIB, Charles University) made sure the project is in line with up-to-date research. This is of course greatly simplified. What was the contribution of the Ministry of Interior in Slovakia? Read More

Gateway to COMSODE results

Explore the key COMSODE achievements from a single point of contact. The source code is open source and methodologies are licensed CC BY 4.0 – Attribution 4.0 International.

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Content-based dataset search with Spinque PSSA

Within the COMSODE project Spinque applied its Search by Strategy approach to Open Data. We successfully extended the approach to Linked Open Data and we demonstrated the technology through several search applications. At the end of the project we are very pleased with the result and we are grateful that we got the chance to help the Open Data community a bit forward within the Comsode project. 

We still wanted to do one more thing; during the project an additional request for search functionality came up. Can we use Spinque to find datasets? Although not anticipated in the project proposal we wanted to support this. Spinque’s Search by Strategy approach is, however, not the best match for this purpose. This type of search functionality asks for Spinque PSSA. Let me explain…

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